R.M.S. Lusitania

1993 Expedition

(Above)  Cabin A-16 as it appeared at the time of the maiden voyage.  It was this exact sink that was found by Ken Marschall and photographed during the expedition.

(Below)  A section of a builder's plan showing cabin A-16.  The shaded area shows the original location of the sink.


(Below)  Just to the left of center in this photo can be seen the drain and the remains of the sink.  On the final voyage, cabin A-16 was occupied by William and Sara Hodges of Philadelphia. They and their two young sons were all lost in the sinking.  The area of Boat Deck on which this cabin sits has shifted and is now some 90 degrees out of alignment with the rest of the hull.

(Bottom)  A closer look at the sink in a photograph taken by diver Leigh Bishop during a recent expedition.  (Photo courtesy of Leigh Bishop, www.deepimages.co.uk)

All images courtesy of the Eric Sauder Collection unless otherwise noted.

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